EARL Conference 2024

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Get ready to excel with over 20+ hours of cutting-edge R, Python and data talks covering everything from machine learning and AI to cloud tools, robotics, and beyond.   Whether you’re intrigued to dive into marine and animal science, launch a journey across analytics in astronomy, or measure your marketing – EARL has it all! Our talks are created in mind for any experience level. From the data-savvy professional to a curious enthusiast, EARL is designed to share, inspire, and challenge us. Please view this year’s agenda below to find out more.

Companies Presenting

Keynote Speakers

4th September

Andy Field

Statistician, Professor, & Author

University of Sussex

Andy Field, author of many popular statistics textbooks is known for his engaging and unconventional teaching style. Dubbed ‘the Harry Potter of the Social Sciences,’ Field’s books stand out for their approachable nature.

Honoured with awards for teaching and contributions to psychology, Field’s innovative book ‘An Adventure in Statistics: The Reality Enigma‘ received critical acclaim for its unique blend of textbook and novel elements.

Portrait of Andy Field, Statistician, Professor, & Author, and keynote speaker at EARL 2024
Portrait of Christel Swift, Senior Principal Data Scientist at BBC, and keynote speaker at EARL 2024

Christel Swift

Senior Principal Data Scientist


Christel Swift has spent her career in music and media measurement, with her current role as Senior Principal Data Scientist at the BBC helping stakeholders utilise data to inform decisions.

A seasoned speaker at EARL, Swift has previously presented on Market Basket analysis and Network Graphs, and Causal Inference. She is currently working on synthesizing datasets to understand the BBC’s audience reach across TV, Radio, and Online.

5th September

Steph Locke

Technology leader with an AI & Entrepreneur background


Steph Locke heads up a team of digital and app innovation architects in Microsoft, helping some of the UK’s biggest organisations use the cloud to deliver more value faster. She has a broad technology background in data, AI, and software and has experience running consultancies and startups.

Steph loves open source, and the impact accessible tech can have on empowering people, so she dedicates her spare time to helping others improve their use of tech and AI. She was a Microsoft Most Valued Professional for five years in a row and she sits on the board of the SQL Saturday Foundation.

Portrait of Steph Locke, Technology leader with an AI & Entrepreneur background at Microsoft, and keynote speaker at EARL 2024
Portrait of Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at Posit, and keynote speaker at EARL 2024

Hadley Wickham

Chief Scientist


Hadley Wickham probably needs no introduction, but is renowned for his ground breaking work in R programming. He is the chief scientist at Posit, PBC and creator of the tidyverse! 

His influential packages, such as ggplot2 and dplyr, have earned him prestigious honors, including the COPSS Presidents’ Award and recognition as a Fellow by the American Statistical Association, underscoring his pivotal role in advancing statistical computing accessibility.

Morning Workshops

An Introduction to Shiny for Python

Andrie de Vries, Director of Product Strategy, Posit

Andrie will provide an introduction to coding a web application using Shiny for Python, with the new Shiny Express framework.

This session will appeal to both Python users new to Shiny, and R users who are familiar with Shiny but want to apply their knowledge using Python.

Building Data Pipelines in Python

Jaymin Mistry, Senior Data Scientist, Faculty.ai

Jaymin will provide a brief history of open-source data pipelining tools and common pitfalls, before before helping you build a data pipeline with validation that will last.

This session will appeal to anyone who handles data and has either been burnt (80% of people) or wishes to avoid being burnt (you in the future!) with ETL and data quality issues in a data science workflow. 

Afternoon Workshops

Azure for the R person: So you found yourself accidentally managing Azure environments!

Steph Locke, Technology Leader, Microsoft

Steph will be running an immersive, hands-on workshop designed specifically for R enthusiasts looking to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure.

This workshop will guide you through the essential tools and services Azure offers to enhance your R-based projects, whether you’re developing machine learning APIs, leveraging models as a service, or hosting apps.

Portrait of Steph Locke, Technology leader with an AI & Entrepreneur background at Microsoft, and keynote speaker at EARL 2024

An Introduction to RAG in Python

Dan Gibson, Founder, Personify AI

Dan will introduce you to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and take you through a guided exercise to build a simple RAG-powered chatbot.

This session is designed to be suitable for participants with basic Python skills, but also be a good overview for those who consider themselves capable Python developers, but haven’t tried out RAG.

Meet Our Speakers

4th September

Gala Camacho

Data Scientist and Co-Founder

Diagonal Works

Finding My Favourite Bench – Urban Analysis with b6

Zac Nash

Senior Data Engineer

Fresh Egg

Unlocking the Secrets of Fish Behaviour with Python

Sean Burton


Azura Earth

Using R with Geospatial Data

Charlotte Osborne



How R Can Work to Support PPC Efforts

Adam Gajtkowski

Data Scientist


Improving Insights by Utilizing Causal Inference Methods

Romain Francios

Data Scientist


Data Company From Tidy to Tada

Adriana de Palma

Principal Researcher

Natural History Museum

Using R to Protect the Future of Biodiversity

Matt Thomas

Head of Strategic Insight & Foresight

British Red Cross

Where Data Meets Disaster: A Journey Through the British Red Cross’ ‘Humaniverse’

Kirsten McMillan and Chris Newton

Data Manager and Data Officer

Dogs Trust

Estimation of the Size, Density, and Demographic Distribution of the UK Pet Dog Population

Nick Howlett

Senior Data Scientist


Estimation of the Size, Density, and Demographic Distribution of the UK Pet Dog Population

Sarah McDonald and Mel Weedon

Data Officer and Research Officer

Dogs Trust

Demographics: Insights into Patterns of Licensed Dog Breeding and ‘Return to Kennel’ Probabilities in the UK

Deepansh Khurana

R/Shiny Developer


How I Built an API for My Life (and How You Can Too)

Chris Holmes

Head of Data and Analytics


Weaving Tomorrow’s Networks: The Art and Science of Automated Fibre Optic Network Design

Anastasiia Kostiv

Data Scientist


Unleashing the Power of Integration: Enhancing Shiny Apps with React Native/Ionic Mobile App

Andrie De Vries

Director of Product Strategy


Lessons Learnt from Project Management, Applied to Data Science

Andrew Collier

Lead Data Scientist


Building Effective Docker Images

Xinye Li

Chief Data Officer


R Centric End-to-End Solutioning

5th September

Elizabeth Brown

Data Scientist

Branding Science

Finding My Favourite Bench – Urban Analysis with b6 

Timothy Wong

Senior Data Scientist


Using Linear Programming for Route Planning and Job Scheduling

Dayo Oguntoyinbo

Senior Data Scientist

Amazon AWS

Leveraging Amazon Bedrock for your Enterprise Generative AI Solutions 

Stephen Wilkins


University of Sussex

Unlocking the Secrets of Fish Behaviour with Python

YiWen Hon and Tom Jemmett

Data Scientists


Using R and Python to Model Future Hospital Activity: The New Hospitals Programme Demand and Capacity Model

Neide Simões-Capela

Clinical Data Scientist


Healthcare Finding Opportunities to Improve the Working Life of Clinical Staff Using R

Amit Kohli

Head of Data

Insights Access Social

Social Care Data is Useless

Tom Wagstaff

Principal Data Scientist


Policy Management Whisper It! Taking Advantage of OpenAI’s Open Source Transcription Model

Alex Glaser

Data Science Contractor

UK Health Security

Agency Data Science During COVID Times R and Python

Hansel Palencia

Data Scientist


International Implementing Machine Learning Models in Clinical Practice: A Practical Example

Hannah Frick

Software Engineer


Tidymodels for Time-to-Event Data!

Abbie Brookes

Senior Analyst & AI Consultant


Reviving User’s Passion for the R Community Post-COVID

Quazi Nafiul Islam


Advocate Sonar

From Eggs to Poetry: The Evolutionary Saga of Python Packaging

Ellis Hughes

Data Science Leader


Driving Innovation and Collaboration

Megan Bourne

Data Scientist


A Recipe for Success: Using R to Cook Up Catering Sales Forecasts

Kieran Dale and Stefania Deligia

Consultant and Lead Data Engineer


Health R for Strategic Forecasting in Healthcare

Amieroh Abrahams

Data Scientist

Jumping Rivers

R Centric End-to-End Solutioning

David Lucy



Using R to Measure the Value of Our Marketing Investments